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 “Tenemos a su disposición la solución completa para el cumplimiento de las especificaciones de la calidad del GAS NATURAL, establecidas por la CREG en el RUT”  

           - Poder calorífico del gas (BTU).
- Dióxido de carbono.
- Nitrógeno.
- Oxígeno.
- Gravedad específica.
- Cantidad de vapor de agua.
- Punto de rocío de hidrocarburos.
- Punto de rocío del agua.
- Sulfuro de hidrógeno (H2S).
- Azufre Total.
Cromatógrafo para Gas Natural (Composición hasta C6+/C7+/BTU/SG/O2/H2S/N2/CO)

Usa Canadá Alemania Reino Unido
Portfolio of services


Servidaniel Company started as an answer to offer an integral service to our customer of industries of the oil, natural gas, wellhead, pipeline, petrochemical, refining, chemical, processing, productions, transportation and energy-resources fields.

Servidaniel has been in business for more than fifteen years, supplying complete systems and equipment for liquid and gas measurement, analysis, control and valves. We are exclusive representatives for Colombia of world-leading companies as Flow Technology Inc, Dyamic Flow Computers Inc, Envent Engineering Ltd., Michell Instruments Ltd, TMCo Inc,  Kace Ball Valves Inc, and GP: 50 Transmitters Ltd.



We are a Colombian company fully dedicated to serve the hydrocarbon industries filling their needs through our marketing of goods and services as we represent USA, German, British (UK) and Canadian companies. We base our services to our customers on integral answers full of excellence, high technology and responsibility. We count on a reliable administration system to grow our organization continuously and be worthwhile for shareholders, employees, customers and represented companies.



Consolidate our national customer’s recognition with products and services to support their strength and contribute to their growing with quality, efficiency and competitive prices.


Quality Policy

To highly satisfy our customers´ expectations supplying them with certified products and services that fill all world quality regulations and standards.


Products and Services

We offer a wide range of services starting with complete system supplies equipment, parts, engineering, installations, configuration, calibration, start-up, training, maintenance and repair, performance and project management.

We count on a complete line of analyzers, chromatographers, hygrometers, transmitters, volume correctors, flow computers, electronic recorders, meters: differential pressure, turbine, positive displacement, coriolis, ultrasonic, magnetic, Orifice Fitting double-chamber (senior type), one chamber or simplex type, orifice flange, complete meter tubes, complete measurement packages, valves: plug, gate, ball, butterfly, check, relief, security, anti-fire, tank and cryogenic, actuators and instrumentation in general. Our Office in Miami, is in charge of all ServiDaniel´s business matters in the U.S.A. It is the key point to assure a good feedback with our suppliers and fast services to our customers; we offer the following options for delivery: DDP, FOB and EXWORKS.

All our supplies and equipments are warranted from factory.


Company Experience

We have a very wide experience and are also certified and qualified. Our staff has been directly trained in factory headquarters to offer a highly specialized and reliable service.

Our engineers and technical have normally worked for the oil Industry in the past, and they have been trained directly in factories as: Daniel Measurement and Control, Daniel Electronics Division, Daniel Valve Company, Serck Audco Valves, Masoneilan Dresser Valve & Control Division, Fisher, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Measurement and Analytical, A Plus Corporation, PlantWeb University, Foxboro Company, Swagelok, Dynamic Fluid Measurement Inc., Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc., KF Industries., Solartron and others, which assure Servidaniel., an asset, giving a complete knowledge on related business within the Industry.


Technical Division


Programming, coordination, performance and control of all activities starting with projects.


Verification in facilities, installation, component tests and wired interface.


Prepare and install specialized applications, parameter configuration, calibration and verification of communication programs for interface between local controlled equipments and remote control systems as SCADA, satellite, cellular, radio, modem, etc.


SERVIDANIEL counts on high tech equipment and tools, a sophisticated lab, enough original parts and stock to work on calibration, check-up, diagnosis and repair. We guarantee a qualified technical assistance and a fast response to our customers’ requirements.


Theoretical and practical training in office or in field, “hands on” for operation and maintenance of equipment and systems as:

  • Flow Computers, Volume correctors.
  • Analyzers, Chromatographers, Hygrometers, Transmitters.
  • Meters: Turbine, Micro Motion, Magnetic, Ultrasonic.
  • Valves and General Instrumentation.


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ServiDaniel S.A.S.
Barranquilla - Colombia - South America
Dirección: Calle 77 # 59-35 Oficina:1409. Centro Empresarial Las Américas 3. Barrio La Concepción.(Código Postal: 080001).
Teléfonos: (57 5) 3680432 - (57 5) 3148640.
Celulares: (315) 7237198 - (310) 2719837.

Miami - Florida
1106 N.W 129th Place
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